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Why I’m Done With Finebaum – And A Lot of Other Stuff

Paul Finebaum is probably the top expert on Southeastern Conference football. He’s been deeply involved in the sports since the 1980’s when he worked for the Birmingham Post Herald newspaper. Now he has a very sucessful, top rated radio call in show heard around the nation every weekday. He takes calls from throughout the nation and often hosts top tier guests. There is no one better at SEC football news and analysis than Finebaum – but I’ve listened to my last show.

Since the BCS National Championship game the nature and content of the calls have dropped sharply. While Finebaum does not control the callers, he does se the tone by allowing and even encouraging some callers to descend deeper and deeper into vulgarity and profane comments. The Finebaum show has a large community of listeners and most are probably good, upstanding, morally strong people. But the small percentage who do call are often embarrassingly crass.

Today, a caller objected to the light-hearted way many callers have viewed the post-game assault on an LSU fan. The caller was precisely correct but was forced to defend himself before the apathetic Finebaum. It seems that the constant degradation of society and more and more perverse actions are just not that big of a deal. He’s wrong.

As a Christian I am not to love the world (1 John 2:15). I am to be different (1 Peter 2:9-10). So today, I declare my difference in a small way. I’ll not accept that which is little more than trash as “normal.”

Will this have any impact on Finebaum? It’s doubtful. I’ve emailed in the distant past when the show seemed to become less about sports and more about profane comedy. I expect nothing to change. But I do what I think I must.

What do you think?

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