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What Pro-Lifer’s Really Want

Abortion is probably the single most polarizing discussion in America. Few people are in the middle and most have staked out their positions long ago. Still there are frequent debates. Conservative Chuck Norris entered the fray with an article entitled Away with the Manger.” In it he suggests that abortion may have been driven in ancient days by a desire to avoid stoning for immorality. Norris’ suggestions are pretty wild but are nothing in comparison to Left-wing talk show hostess Rachel Maddow at MSNBC. Maddow actually suggested pro-lifers would love to see the return of stoning. She said, “I look at the whole crux — the whole crux of his argument rests on the idea if only we still had stoning for abortion.” Actually, Norris was making the opposite point that stoning may have contributed to abortions in the first century. But with her wildly misapplication of what he said showed us a bit of what pro-abortionists think of pro-lifers. Cheap shot don’t you think?

Here’s the truth. Pro-lifers simply want for the unborn what Rachel Maddow has: Life. We are not concerned to issue punishments except insofar as the law allows. No one has ever suggested we bring back stoning for abortion. Our preference is to promote life. We want the unborn to have a chance at the same life we all have enjoyed.

The abortion debate will rage hot for years to come. Maddow should be ashamed.

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