What Makes a Mom

If you were asked this week, “What makes a mom” what would you say? Scientifically you might reply that a mom is a female who has given birth to at least one child. Legally you might respond that a mother is a female that has been given the legal responsibility to care for, guide and discipline a youngster. But most of us would agree that a mom is far more than a textbook definition. Consider the following “mom-makers” and see if you agree.

  1. A Mom is the one who changed your stinky diaper all the while telling you that you were the most wonderful gift from God.

  2. A Mom is the one who fed you your earliest meals and sometimes ended up with more on herself than in your belly.

  3. A Mom is the one who spent almost as much time with you overnight as she did when you were awake.

  4. A Mom is the one whose gentle voice in your ear worked almost as well as medicine.

  5. A Mom is the one who watched with tears of happiness and sadness together as you walked into school on the very first day.

  6. A Mom is the one who, with toothbrush and a bar of soap in hand, warned you about repeating “dirty words.”

  7. A Mom is the one who became an expert on fields from English to Science, Social Studies and Math so you could get good grades in school.

  8. A Mom is the one who gave up her plans so that you could be at the library, the ball park or at a sleep-over.

  9. A Mom is the one who surrendered her sleep so that you could stay up all night when your friends came for a spend-the-night party. You slept all day the next day while she cleaned up.

  10. A Mom is the one with just the right words when you first realized what a “clique” was and that you were not in it.

  11. A Mom is the one who helped you get ready for that first date even though you said you didn’t need any help.

  12. A Mom is  the one who always understood what a jerk your boyfriend/girlfriend was when they broke up with you.

  13. A Mom is one who got that stain out of your favorite shirt which was caused by your favorite food.

  14. A Mom is the one who went to work outside the home so you could have nicer things like an education.

  15. A Mom, for the girls, was the first one to stand when you came down the aisle on your wedding day.

  16. A Mom is the one who found a way for you to have just the right brand of shoes. Odd how hers were often so worn out don’t you think?

We could go on and on but you get the picture. Motherhood is not at all about biology or law. It’s about love, devotion and sacrifice. We thank all our moms for all they have done for us. Enjoy your day and let us do the work.

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