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Wednesday Blog Roundup for September 23, 2009

Hello again and welcome to our weekly roundup of interesting blog articles from across the ‘net. I hope you find these interesting and encouraging. Always remember that while I do recommend the individual articles I do not necessarily recommend the entire site. Most are fine but use good wisdom and spiritual discernment as always.

Dale Sadler is a marriage counselor who has a timely article about so-called emotional affairs. These do not involve physical contact (at least not at first) but can still be a destroyer of trust. In this article Dale answers the question, What If My Spouse Won’t Acknowledge His Emotional Affair. Of course we hope you are not in such a situation but if you are this might help.

Neil Richey continues to blog even though his wife is in the hospital with pregnancy concerns. He’ll keep you updated on Emily’s condition on his site but please keep them in mind. Neil has a good essay on IHOP which everyone ought to read and give serious thought to. It’s probably not what you are thinking.

I’d like to offer two posts from Jeremiah Tatum at Ancient Words. The first is about prayer and the need to do more of it while improving the quality of our prayers. He offers some suggestions to help. The second one is a little strange to me because I haven’t seen the phenomenon here at ES that he speaks of. But let us be warned by it and avoid the problem of declining relationships.

Brotherhood News reports on the 40th anniversary of the Diana Singing in central Tennessee. If you have never been you need to plan to make a trip. It occurs twice yearly.

Readers know that we recently reported on the Guyanese decision to oust foreign members of the Mormon church from their country. Christian Courier has a piece examining the Mormon church and its claims. For those interested in learning more we suggest you read Is the Mormon Church the Restored Church?

Scott McCown offers some suggestions for finding motivation in our lives. If you check  his home page you will find an earlier article on apathy which is the forerunner to this one. We all need a little boost now and then don’t we?

There is a new blogger among us who is known to some of you. Jeff Jenkins, son of Jerry and brother of Dale has taken to the blogosphere from near Dallas, Texas. Thoughts from the Mound is the name of his journal. We are glad to add him to our links.

Well that’s plenty of reading for today. Let me know what you think!

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