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Wednesday Blog Roundup for September 16, 2009


Joe Palmer has a group of article on a terribly dangerous item among us. He writes on alcohol and offers some serious considerations for the Christian. Begin with Why Not Drink” and move on to answer the question, “Does the Bible Forbid Drinking Alcohol.” I think you will appreciate these articles and a couple of other similar articles on the subject. Joe also has a take on insurance – stupid insurance. You will know what he’s talking about and can add a little something to your day by reading this article.

Adam Faughn has moved his blog to a WordPress platform which is a big plus. Visit his new site at Faughn Family of Four. Adam offers us some thoughts on Children and what children can learn. He mentions that children can learn to worship and I strongly agree. Don’t pull the children out of worship because that is how they learn. From my perspective behind the pulpit a disruptive child is of no concern. Take them out, correct the behavior and bring them back.

Scott McCown is busy in  his office in Oakman, Alabama with a new post he calls Top Ten Human Relationship Tips.” See if you can add a few in your life.

That’s going to wrap it up for this week. Be sure an attend worship services or prayer meeting tonight. The rest of your week will go so much better!


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