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Wednesday Blog Roundup for May 27, 2009

Some great posts by some fine Christians this week. I hope you will visit these guys and check them out!

We added Faughn Family of Four this week to the sidebar. Adam Faughn does a blog that his spiritual in nature and also includes many references to his children. Among other things, Adam is focusing on Romans lately and listening to John Piper’s sermons. As you know, I like Piper in many ways although we differ deeply on some issues. He’s an excellent preacher. Adam is producing some notes from his study of Romans.

Eddy Watkins runs a couple of websites including, his blog, and Preacher Files which includes many sermon outlines and studies. Eddy is helping me sort out some of the issues that caused the blog to crash over the weekend.

Scott McCown’s Morning Drive is always a good read. He has a three part series he calls Turning Point that I hope you’ll take time to read. For those of you who know Scott personally, it is very touching.

Curious How A Woman Saved David From Himself? Drew Kizer at Truth & Repose has the answer. Drew preaches near Birmingham, Alabama.

Saturday, Steve Higginbotham of released a review of a book “Stop Dating the church: Fall In Love With The Family of God. The premise is explained in his article and I think I’m going to have to buy the book.

Dale Jenkins has a wide-open post on some things he would like to say sometimes. I can identify and suspect you will too. Stay with I’m Glad I Preach and you will understand.

Well that’s the roundup for the week. Enjoy!


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