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Uselessness of Riches

After giving some thought  to the previous article about greed, I was reading in the Old Testament at Zephaniah 1:18. That so-called minor prophet was writing about the coming destruction of Judah. He wrote of their torment:“Neither their silver nor their goldwill be able to deliver themon the day of the Lord’s wrath…”

It simply reminds us how brief and transitory wealth really is. At the end, there will be no barganing and nor purchasing of second chances. Our fate will have been sealed by our own lives and conduct. Jesus says men of wealth will call for the mountains to cover them (Luke 23:30). Oddly, the same fate awaits the slave (Revelation 6:15,16). Wealth is simply irrelevant at the last.

The material blessings of life give great comfort but little security.


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