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Truth Series

We posted a few articles on truth recently. Truth always battles to be heard. Often we stifle truth by denying it exists, or allowing its existence but denying that we can know it. Such agnosticism is the result of the multiculturalism that swept our culture. Suddenly, everybody is right and no one is wrong. While  there are always gray areas, truth is knowable and can, even must, be applied. Hopefully these articles will help.

  1. Truth – This is an introduction and asserts that truth does exist as an objective item.

  2. Truth – This article, from 2012, is another introduction and summation of our thoughts on truth.

  3. Truth is Known – It is not enough that truth exists, it can and must be knowable. Otherwise any objective truth is useless. This article argues that truth can be known.

  4. Consequences of Truth – If truth exists, and it does, and if truth can be known, and it can, certain consequences are revealed. This is where truth and reality merge.

  5. Truth Haters – It seem odd, but there are people who hate the truth and try to supress it. Consider these thoughts from the Bible.

In the words of a famous television show, the truth is out there.


Bryant Evans may be reached at bryant at You can follow Bryant on Twitter @jbevans.


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