That Well Was Deep

Last night, Don Myers took us to the well and gave us plenty to drink. Speaking spiritually he led us through one of the finest sermons I have heard in a long time. When the service was over at the Rocky Creek church of Christ in Lucedale, Mississippi, we felt as if we had been allowed to drink deeply from the well of God’s word.

His subject was the biblical doctrine of predestination, election and the foreknowledge of God. These are terms used in Scripture and as such should be used by New Testament Christians. Unfortunately, some in the denominational world teach a corrupted form of the doctrine which runs afoul of numerous clear biblical passages.

Don showed us how God sent Jesus to earth as a message of grace, a message that God knew would be accepted by those who were spiritually impoverished and recognized their own inability to find salvation. That group of people were the ones that God foreknew, elected and predestined. There was never a setting aside of man’s own choice and no one is saved apart from obedience to the word. Indeed, Don took us to the well and gave us plenty to drink!

The Gospel Meeting continues tonight through Sunday at the Rocky Creek church. Tonight Don will speak on the subject, “All Israel Will Be Saved.” This promises to be another fine message and well worth the drive to Lucedale. If you missed last night, you owe it to your spiritual growth to go tonight. You can find much of Don’s material at his website here.

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