Tabernacle, Temple, Heart and Holiness

Eastern Shore profited greatly last night from a lesson from Dr. Randall Bailey of Faulkner University. In fact, Bailey knocked it out of the park with a lesson primarily from the Old Testament but with major New Testament implications. He demonstrated God’s holiness through his tabernacle instructions and his demand for holiness and purity through the associated affairs of the temple.

We were reminded that when the Temple was disgraced by Israel’s sinfulness and idolatry God left them to their own devices. When we come to see what holiness really is and what it demands we come to fear our own impurity before God. However we are cleansed by the blood of Jesus so that we can stand before him clothed in his righteousness.

It is a complex and rich subject which took us far beyond shallow sermonettes. If you were here – you grew. If you were not here – you lost out.

#God #holiness #Leviticus

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