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Speaking in Muscatine, Iowa

I am blessed to be in Muscatine, Iowa this week to teach the adult class for their Vacation Bible School and then to preach for them on Sunday. I was with the brethren there some years ago and was warmly received by them. I look forward to seeing them again. I also have a string family connection in Muscatine. My cousin Clyde Evans and his family are all located in that area so I will get to see them soon.

Muscatine is a small city on the banks of the Mississippi River just opposite Illinois. There is a rich heritage in the area which I hope to sample while there.

I will return Sunday night to Birmingham, Alabama where I will rejoin my family for Indian Creek Youth Camp in Walker County, Alabama. I will be working with Clark Sims to run the camp for almost 250 campers, counselors and staff. This is our sixth year and I am sure it will be the best!

Later this summer I will be in Tuscaloosa, Alabama speaking at the Cottondale church of Christ. I travel to Guyana to teach in the Guyana Christian University in late September, I speak on the Summer Series at the Robertsdale church of Christ in October and then I am scheduled in a lectureship in McMinnville, Tennessee. It’s a great deal of traveling but I look forward to every opportunity. Please keep me in your prayers.

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