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Preacher’s Study Blog is meeting an important niche in the world of online publishing. Each month we serve almost 4,000 pages to people looking for serious Christian Bible study. Most of our U.S. visitors come from Texas, followed by California, Florida, Alabama and Georgia for the top 5. We have had visitors from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Internationally the top 5 are, USA, Canada, The UK, the Philippines and Australia.

Our growth has been steady over the past year. Over 20,000 people (unique computers)  have viewed at least one article on the site in the past year. That’s good news because people are being exposed to the message of Jesus Christ. Many prefer  the privacy oft heir own home as  they explore areas that are new and unfamiliar to them.

Most of our visitors come from Google although Twitter and Facebook supply hefty numbers too.

The top articles? In Order:

  1. 5 Ways to Stop Gossip

  2. Stop Gossip in the Church

  3. Shut My Mouth: 5 Ways to Stop Gossiping

  4. Church of Christ Music: What’s the Big Deal With  A Piano Anyway?

  5. Church Division – Part 1

Three of the top five are still, year after year, the top articles. Gossip and divisiveness are a major problem.

I deeply appreciate your continued support of the Preacher’s Study Blog. I know you do not always agree. That’s fine. I am happy to stimulate and challenge your thinking.


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