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New Discovery May Bypass Embryonic Stem Cells

The debate over the creation, harvesting and use of embryonic stem cells may be a little closer to becoming moot.

An embryonic stem cell colony magnified

Researchers have found a way of reprogramming cells to carry out different functions. The research in mice essentially eliminates the need for embryonic cells which have been hotly debated for years.

Embryonic stem cells are the most basic, original cells created when life is formed in the womb. Pro-abortionists and many scientists hailed ESC’s as the great hope for diseases like diabetes, parkinson’s, ALS, spinal cord trauma and a host of other tragedies. Pro-life groups have argued that the cells are living beings from the time of birth and ought not be consumed to improve quality of life issues or even life and death illness.

The story, reported on the CNN website, warns that the procedure is not ready for work in humans but is an advance toward solutions that do not involve embryonic stem cells.

Apologetics Press, a Montgomery, Alabama based scientific publishing company has a series of articles on stem cells that begin with issue one and are continuing.

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