Monday Memo – Joseph

CNN told us Friday that Americans were turning to fortune tellers to help them get through the present economic hardships. That only proves what Tusser said,  that “a fool and his money are soon parted.” Happily, many others have chosen to seek their future in God.

Joseph was a young man who struggled with just about every problem that could be imagined. His life looked more like a modern day roller coaster than that of a man with a great future. Yet for every downturn in his life there was a bigger upturn! How and why?

The Genesis 39 account gives us the answer. Joseph was successful because of his relationship with God. Despite his world routinely falling apart, Joseph had discovered that by remaining faithful to God he would be blessed. In fact his blessings were so immense that they were even noticed by the pagan prison Warden.

Read it carefully — “whatever he did, the Lord made it succeed…” You and I can enjoy the same level of blessing when we have the same level of faith and dedication that Joseph displayed.

Will you focus this week on securing and strengthening your relationship with Jesus? Will you walk faithfully with him so that he can bless you? Try it. You may be surprised!

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