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How You Can Beat Internet Pornography

You want out of the porn game.

Maybe you’ve been caught. Maybe you are suffering under guilt. Maybe you crave the self control you lost. It is clear: you need help and that’s why you are here.

You Can Be Forgiven

The first problem to overcome is your breakup with God. The Bible is clear that viewing pornography is a sin. Jesus said that anyone who looks at woman to lust has committed adultery of the heart. (Matthew 5:28). Jesus promises forgiveness to any sin for anyone who comes to him in faith and obedience. No matter how deep the habit, no matter the harm done, you can break away from the sin and find redemption in Jesus alone.

Contact me for one on one Bible study and we will help you overcome the sin.

Must Do’s to Beat Internet Pornography

You must stop. Sure, that’s easy for me to say. But when all the resources have been marshaled and all the struggles have been overcome, you must stop. Do not lose sight of that goal. Are you willing to do anything to stop? You can!

You must change your playground. I would suspect that there are no more than one or two places where you actually view porn. Avoid those places like the plague. Someone might argue that they cannot avoid their home or their office. That’s a good point. There is one common factor between your office and your home: your computer!

If there is no swing at the playground you cannot fall off of it. If you must, remove the temptation. Move the computer. [cref keeping-internet-pornography-out-of-your-house We have previously suggested] that the computer should be in a busy room of the house. Now is the time to move it.

You Must Confess. It is well said that confession is good for the soul. But the idea here is to find an accountability partner that you can talk to any time the obsession begins to increase. A minister, Bible class teacher, a respected friend or an older mentor can serve to keep you accountable. You share with them your problem and ask them to keep a check on you frequently. You will also call them for support when you feel yourself slipping.

This person must love you deeply because you are sure to cause them some inconvenience. But they must not a pushover. Your partner must be very firm with you and not accept a relapse.

You Must Get Help. Internet pornography is not a harmless distraction. It’s not simply “eye candy.” It can quickly become an addiction with complex neurophysiological processes at work. Just as an alcoholic needs help, so do you.

Cindy Warren is a counselor with expertise in various forms of addiction. She can be reached through Warren Counseling Services of Daphne, Alabama. If you are not in south Alabama, Cindy will still be glad to talk to you and help you find a counselor near your home. Call Cindy for help.

This is not a battle you should or can fight alone. Get help now.

We hope our series of article have been useful. At least we hope they have caused you to think about this disastrous problem.

Please leave your thoughts and comments below.

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