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How to Study The Bible


How to Study the Bible Part 1 – The Right Mindset

Your must get your head and heart right as you approach God’s word. Having the right heart makes all the difference.

How to Study the Bible Part 2 -The Tools

Any workman needs tools. It is no different with Bible study. You need tools at hand as you delve into the riches of the Bible.

How to Study the Bible Part 3 – Beginnings

Where to start? Do you just open the Bible and blindly point at a passage? How do you chose a topic or passage?

How to Study the Bible Part 4 – Questioning the Text

There are many questions the student should ask of the text. These question ensure your journey begins profitably.

How to Study the Bible Part 5 – Caution

Bible study is serious business. More than deadly serious; it is eternally serious. Approach the Scripture with caution.

More than anything else just get started! Begin now and come to know His word.


Bryant Evans may be reached at bryant at You can follow Bryant on Twitter @J_Bryant_Evans.


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