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Guyana Report

I heard that our men did a fine job reporting on their work in Guyana last month. The work continues with great interest as 32 were baptized, 19 restored and 2 were joined in marriage.

Our Kent Purser in the field in Guyana

Our Kent Purser in the field in Guyana

Our thanks to Kent Purser (far right), Mark Hocutt and John Langham for their travels.

At present, Mark Jamieson of the Eastside church of Christ in Columbia, Tennessee is in Lethem teaching two courses at the Guyana Christian University. In December, Jimmy Bracken a missionary with the Stony Point church of Christ near Florence, Alabama, will be teaching.

We appreciate all the great work these do to help develop and train church leaders in Guyana. Men and women are hungry for the truth of the gospel and we are honored to be able to assist in this work.

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