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Geek Report

2006-2007 Volkswagen New Beetle photographed i...

Your preacher has been in geek mode most of the week trying to restore our web site, blog and even the usually reliable Alert Mailing List.

The long and short is that while updating and trying to improve the web site at , I managed to corrupt both primary files as well as backup files. It was necessary to move the entire site from one server to another and in the process the Alert system was lost and will have to be re-created.

This blog also took a hit and was unavailable for some hours until we made some fine tuning adjustments. We are thankful to the people at InMotionHosting, our web hosting provider, for the fine job they delivered to us and to all the people, literally from around the world, that offered assistance.

There are still some issues but we are back up and making progress!


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