Freed-Hardeman Lectures

The Freed-Hardeman Lectures are this week in the small hamlet of Henderson, Tennessee. In fact, the population of Henderson will swell by almost 100% during the lectureship week. I look forward to attending this week which will be at least number 15 for me. This will be the 73rd annual lectureship.

“Crying Out to God: Prayer and Praise in the Psalms” will be the theme of the week although there are many other topics which will be discussed. I appreciate the elders at Eastern Shore allowing me the time and support to attend. It will better equip me to serve you and the community. A look at the lectureship brochure will demonstrate the depth of the lessons.

My intent is to post to the blog throughout the week as a way of “covering” this great event. You may listen to some of  the lectures through the University’s website.

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