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Focus on Somebody Besides Yourself

I know that football season is just days away. So with the kickoff in mind I thought I’d share this story from John Maxwell’s “25 Ways to Win With People.”

Maxwell tells about former University of Colorado coach Bill McCartney. Colorado was set to play rival Nebraska on the Cornhusker’s home turf. Colorado had not won a game from Nebraska in 23 years! Coach Mac knew that it would be easy to assume the worst and go down in defeat one more time. But the coach believed in his team and only wanted them to believe in themselves.

The coach asked his players to call someone they loved and tell them that they were dedicating the game to them. They asked that person to watch every play knowing that they were giving it their all for that one person. Coach Mac went so far as arrange to have team balls, with the final score on them, sent to every person his players called. He believed in his players and knew that if they focused on someone else they would find renewed strength and energy.

The Colorado Buffaloes beat powerhouse Nebraska 27 to 12.

Try taking your eyes off of yourself and focusing on those around you. You may be suprised how much energy you discover.

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