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Campus Retreat This Weekend

I write this afternoon from Starbuck’s in Tuscaloosa. Tonight, and this weekend, I will be speaking to a gathering of College students from the University of Alabama. They are all part of the Christ First Campus Ministry (CFCM) overseen by the elders of the Northport church of Christ.

Randy Latner, one of the Northport deacons, and his beautiful wife Mandy, are the hosts of the weekend. Randy was one of my young people when I was the youth Minister at Northport. I’ve known them for years and look forward to being with them and the students this weekend. We’ll be at Indian Creek Youth Camp where the temperatures tonight are supposed to drop to about 25!

Sunday night I will be visiting the brethren at the Millport church of Christ in Lamar County. Monday morning I meet with Clark Sims and begin planing for ICYC 2009. Monday night I’ll be back in Daphne for a meeting with our elders and the architect about our expansion plans. It’s a busy weekend but one full of opportunities.

In  my place Sunday we will have Scott Kelly teaching the adult class and J.T. Harrison will handle preaching duties. I’ll see you all soon!

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