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Auntie Rosie

What follows is an email from brother H.M., a native preacher in Guyana. This is a true story of a fine Christian lady who shows enough dedication to put many younger people to shame. You will be encouraged by reading it.

Aunty Rosie, a Christian, has stopped attending when the doors of the Canal 1

Church Building was closed a year or two ago.

After visiting, she has returned to worship – her first visit was July 26.

She lives under 2 miles from the building but walks with her legs back and forth.

Yesterday, she was back carrying a black plastic bag with a handful of cement,

and a small bottle of water, (to fill the cracks on the concrete floor of the building),

4 pints brown paint, 3 sheets of sand paper, rags and a paint brush – her donation

to scrub & paint the church benches.

What makes Aunty Rosie story interesting is

a) She is 85 years +, and a widow

b) She saw a need in the church and without being told, she was willing

to contribute.

My friends, you can draw your own conclusion/s and lessons but to me

Aunty Rosie is my heroine.

She came, she saw, and she contributed.

What an inspiration!

We had a good service at Canal 1 congregation  – 30 – 35 in attendance.

This is not the only story of this kind that comes out of our work in Guyana. There are many people who truly go the extra mile for Christ.

#Encouragement #Guyana

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