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Alcohol Is Most Harmful Drug

Science is telling us something that we have known for decades: Alcohol is deadly. The surprising news is that it is the most dangerous drug presently available legally or illegally. The report, detailed in the British medical journal Lancet and detailed in an article titled Study:Alcohol ‘most harmful drug’ at, takes into consideration  the effects of alcohol on the user but also upon those around him.

Heroin is the most harmful drug to the user but when harm to others is considered alcohol ranks about 30% higher than Heroin which is number 2. Alcohol’s harm to others is measured in 7 categories including crime, economic cost and family adversities. Anyone who has ever dealt with a member of the family who suffers alcoholism knows the extreme harm it brings to everyone it touches.

The Bible tells us that those drawn in by the allure of alcoholic drink is “unwise (Proverbs 20:1). The wise man describes the alcoholic perfectly in Proverbs 23:29-35. One who drinks alcoholic beverages is a gambler. His bet with the lives of himself but also of those around him. Why would a wise man every tamper with something so vicious?

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