A Personal Note

Transparency is the buzzword in Washington these days so let me be transparent too.

Something happened this morning that has never happened to me before – never. It was a moment of personal humiliation that has likely scared me for the remainder of my life.

You must understand, I have traveled the world and stayed in all sorts of accommodations. From the world class Mayflower Hotel in Washington D.C. to a small mom and pop drive up in Vernon, Alabama. Beyond that I have been taking showers for almost all of my youthful 47 years. But this morning, at the Double Tree Hotel in Jackson, Tennessee, I met my match. I had to call the front desk and ask how to turn on the shower!

The Double Tree is a fine facility which has treated me exceptionally well through the years. I highly recommend it. But recently they remodeled and refitted their bathrooms with the latest in trendy fixtures. I must say it looks nice. But when I reached for the little knob to turn on the shower I couldn’t find it. I pulled and twisted the fixture to the point of almost pulling it out of the wall. I got down and looked underneath it searching for some button to puch or lever to flip. I then turned my attention to the shower head. It’s one of those fancy rain shower kinds. There was nothing there!

So, in my humiliation and with cheeks blushing, I called the front desk for my education. Yes, I got a shower. I cannot tell you the secret however for you must endure the suffering to be initiated into our Grand Order of the Falling Waters. Anyway, I need to see if Clark figures it out when he gets here.

So now I have been transparent with you. If I can just figure out who Wolfgang Puck is and why his name is all over my coffee maker and supplies I shall be happy!


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