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I took this sign as a compliment when I arrived back home after about 2 weeks away on mission work.

Eastern Shore is such a great local church. They love one another deeply and are not afraid to show it. They also show their love for my family and me quite often and in many ways. 8 1/2 years ago when we came to Daphne we were full of concern because we knew no one here. We soon dispensed with those fears (probably because they didn’t fire me after I flooded the building) and fell in love with the people here.

Are they perfect? No, but then neither is their preacher!

Seriously, my thanks to J.T. Harrison for filling in for me. He is fully dependable, sound, and an excellent communicator. I also appreciate John Langham, one of our elders and a fellow Guyana traveler for taking my Bible classes in my absence. I appreciate you all and will try to return the favor someday.

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