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666 and Seeds?

One would think that there is nothing suprising still to be found in religion. Quacks have taken almost every possible opportunity to twist the Scriptures to say things never imagined by the Holy Spirit. However, if one thinks this, one would be wrong.

The Press-Register newspaper of Mobile, December 6, 2008, carries a story about a man who has decided that the figurative number 666 found in Revelation is, he tells us, in hybrid seeds. His reasoning is that seeds have been given to man by God and man has corrupted those seeds by cross-breeding and genetic mutations.

In a book he calls “The 666’s are in the Seeds,” author Michael White says, “The Antichrist will use seed to control nations and people.” He continues with the warning that “[p]atented seed will become the most prized possession of the Antichrist.”

Where to begin?

The Antichrist is not mentioned in connection with the end of time.

The Antichrist is only mentioned five times in four verses in Scripture and never in one of the apocraphal books. (1 John 2:18; 1 John 2:22; 1 John 4:3 and 2 John 7).

The Antichrist is never mentioned in connection with the number 666.

Antichrist is about the denial that Jesus is the Son of God and has come in the flesh.

We should also mention that White has a ulterior motive in writing the book. It seems he was sued by seed developer Monsanto for saving patented seed, cleaning it and reselling it in violation of federal patent laws. Now he has a seed under his saddle about hybrids.

God’s Word was never intended as a foundation for foolishness. Sound, faithful Christians must study the Scriptures daily so that they can reject the kind of silliness found in news articles like this.

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